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Initial appointments can be up to 60 minutes, with reviews around 30 minutes.

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Lymphatic Enhancement Technology
LET helps to improve lymphatic circulation. It can work up to 10 times faster than traditional manual lymphatic drainage.
The therapy unit emits a combination of vibrational energies (an electrostatic field, low frequency acoustic waves, and an
electro-pressure field) which clear away randomly bonded
proteins, excess fluid, and blockages in the lymphatic
system. It also stimulates the meridians and acupuncture points
of the body and is extremely relaxing to experience.
After receiving the therapy you may feel tired, experience some
slight nausea and an increase in bowel activity. The benefits
may only be felt over the following couple of days.
The following are often improved with LET therapy. <p>

  • Lymphoedema/oedema/swelling
  • Sinusitis
  • Reduce the feeling of chronic stress
  • Reduce postsurgical swelling
  • Keep scar tissue soft and reduce the possibility of scar
  • Inflammation/chronic pain


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a gentle specialist non-invasive massage
technique to stimulate the lymph vessels that lie just beneath the skin. Although
similar to a relaxation massage, the technique is very different, resulting in a very
powerful therapy
Our lymphatic system plays a very important role within our bodies, clearing protein
rich fluid from our circulatory system, building our immune defence systems and
promoting tissue healing.
It is recommended that at least three sessions are undertaken, with the first two
supporting the lymph clearance and wakening it up. The third further stimulates and
activates the lymphatic system.


Sozo L-Dex Measurements

Lymphedema is rarely diagnosed until you experience symptoms eg altered
sensation, pain, tightness, or swelling in the at risk limb. However, with early
detection and ongoing monitoring, the condition can be well managed.
Ideally the monitoring should begin before surgery in order to establish your base line numbers. Gone are the days when Lymphoedema management was based
around waiting and seeing if you begin to develop symptoms.
In a recently published paper, interim results from the PREVENT Trial showed that
this early detection combined with at-home intervention using standard compression
therapy can reduce the progression of lymphedema by 95%. Which is incredible.
Four monthly reviews are recommended for the early detection of lymphoedema.
Weight management, again the Sozo will give you total body composition of fat,
water, muscle. Which makes it a useful tool for monitoring our seniors, athletes and
those who are on a weight loss journey
Initial appointment can be up to 60 minutes, with reviews around 20 minutes.


Remedial massage therapy

This is a focused therapy around an area concern. It ties in quite nicely with MLD. Post operatively you may be concerned that if you stand up straight for example that you will cause harm to yourself. The results of this is ineffective breathing and a change in body alignment. Massage is used in conjunction with other techniques to re align your posture, and improve or return to normal your range of movement in a
specific joint.


Relaxation massage

Sometimes you just need some time out and pampering.

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